desktop_windows Online | Advanced Python: Code Breaking (Two Hour Lessons)

Age 10 to 14 yr

Students develop programs to send, receive, and hack into secret encrypted messages as an engaging way to learn this advanced coding language.

Level: Suitable for students with experience of coding aged 10+. This is our most advanced course, therefore students need to be familiar with text-based coding.

How does it work?

Our virtual classroom teaches your child programming skills in your home.

1:6 teacher:student ratio with an experienced blue{shift} teacher leading the class.

With five daily lessons our virtual classroom is a great form of social learning - kids explore code together!

Each student will need:

A laptop or computer with a high-speed internet connection
A headset/earphones
A webcam and a microphone
An adult to help set-up

Before each session, we will provide instructions on setting up our video conference software.

What's unique about our courses?

With a research based curriculum all of our lessons are informed by an innovative pedagogy.

Each course has been extensively user-tested and refined.

Every parent & student receives a personalised end of week report.

All of our teaching staff undergo a rigorous application and on-boarding process. Each teacher is then vetted by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

We provide training and support for all our teachers, and many of our teaching staff have taught at some of London's most prestigious schools.

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