Creative Writing Weekend Course

Age 7 to 8 yr

Course Overview:

This course has been specifically formulated to help your child achieve their maximum potential in creative writing. Your child will gain the knowledge and confidence to tackle any creative writing task with speed and proficiency. It is the perfect course for students who struggle to achieve top marks in composition and wish to improve their overall English grade. Suitable for those preparing for upcoming entrance exams and those who want to hone in on their writing skills.

Course Benefits:

This course will teach your child how to achieve their maximum potential in any writing task, as well as increase their ability to properly structure their creative ideas. By learning our tips and tricks, your child will have a mental checklist of what to include in their work. The course has been designed by our expert tutors, with a combined experience of over 30 years, so you can be sure that all the important aspects of creative writing are covered.

Not only will your child improve in writing tasks, their comprehension skills will benefit greatly from this course:

-Your child’s answers will be clearer, grammatically proper and structured correctly
-Your child will be able to pick apart prose, locating writing techniques and figurative language with speed and proficiency
-Break down and understand word problems in maths with ease

Apart from the academic benefits, this course will also be beneficial for more overall areas of their development. Their confidence and self-expression will improve in quality, which can help them communicate clearly with others, as well as aiding them through any interview process they may be required to attend.

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St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, CADOGAN STREET, SW3 2QT
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Available Sessions from 10:00
10:00 - 15:00
Sat, Sun | 6th - 7th Apr 2019
St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, CADOGAN STREET, SW3 2QT
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