desktop_windows Online | Quavers (2-3 years) - Group 2, Thursday

Age 2 to 3 yr

Singing and vocal skills
- Intonation - finding sound pitches vocally
- Early voice development and care

Aural skills
- High-Low sound relation (intonation, pitch recognition)
- Loud-Soft differentiation (dynamics, volume)
- Experience and internalize further musical features: timbre, articulation, mood/affect, character, character
- Inner hearing - internalising melodies
- Musical memory - tune recognition

Rhythmic skills
- Steady Pulse/Beat
- Rhythm patterns
- Making connection between Steady Pulse/Beat and Rhythm patterns
- Fast-Slow differentiation - Tempo
- Movement, Posture, Coordination and free dance
- Early Years Instruments

Musical ‘forms/shapes/building blocks’
- Double, triple, quadruple time motifs
- Melodic phrases
- Rhythmic Phrases

Musical notation
- Basic rhythm symbols
- Basic pitch symbols
- Reading and writing simple rhythm patterns and tunes
- Graphic scores

Musical creativity
- Self-made, improvised tunes
- Early ‘composition’ - graphic scores, basic notation
- Homemade musical instruments, sound makers

Musical instruments
- Instrument families
- ‘Body parts’ of various instruments
- Features of various instruments

- Developing the habit of attentive listening
- Raising interest in the child towards listening to music

Interpersonal skills
- Sharing
- Social Skills
- Respecting others

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