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In the first summit of this kind we have gathered together a panel of international teachers and therapists, writers and speakers to help empower you on your journey through pregnancy, birth and new motherhood.

This brand new event features exciting workshops, presentations and discussions over the two days on prenatal yoga; therapeutic counseling guidance techniques; women’s rights and maternal journaling inspiration; pregnancy photography tips, recipes for optimal nutrition & digestive health during pregnancy, shamanic insights into birth as transformation; sophrology – “dynamic relaxation” & homeopathic self-prescribing for pregnancy & birth. Discover new practices, techniques, ideas and infomration to guide you on your maternal journey.

Join an ever-growing pregnant community to tap into online and stay connected to even after the event is over.

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Available Sessions from 10:00
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10:00 - 15:00
Sat, Sun | 14th - 15th Nov 2020
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