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This 8-week Online Pregnancy Yoga Chakra Course brings the powerful and ancient wisdom of the chakras to the special state of Pregnancy. During this transformative time, discovering these centres of intelligence and information within you can connect you with your feminine essence, bring about spiritual transformation and provide you with all the inner resources you need to embrace the incredible pregnancy, childbirth and new motherhood experience.
Pregnancy Yoga is a beautiful, visceral and authentically female practice that uses the postures and physical movement work as gateways to the deeper experience of Yoga; a dissolution of unconscious self-control replaced with conscious connection and expanded thought-free awareness. Along the way the whole body-mind system is deeply nourished, the heart centre is activated and we discover an inner strength and power we never knew we had. It is truly an ancient and complete system of self-development and self-awakening.

When women practice yoga with confidence, they trust their bodies, connect with their babies, they birth faster, in more comfort and more effectively. (Rong et al 2020).

This exciting new online pregnancy yoga chakra course is born out of a need to deepen the transmission of yoga and connect more deeply with students especially in the online realm and during these times of uncertainty and anxiety.

The 8 Week Online Pregnancy Yoga Chakra Course is built on the inner foundations of the seven subtle energy centres known as the Chakras. These seven energetic centres of the body are believed to govern not only the physical body and its systems but also the behaviors, drives, and emotions that are associated with each center. Collectively, the yogis believe that their balance holds the key to our vibrant health and well-being and to our spiritual awakening. Understanding these energy centres and how they relate to the physical body enables a much deeper understanding of the experience of Yoga and of Pregnancy, Birth and Lactation.

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Wednesdays | 6th Jan - 24th Feb 2021
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