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Age 5 to 7 yr

Designed for children aged 5-7 (years 1 & 2), our Brilliant Me & My Ideas course focuses on developing creative ways of thinking and approaching challenges. We aim to help children realise their ideas are brilliant and need to be shared! The course is made up of 5 x 90 minute online sessions.

Developing creative thinking

Children can often lack confidence in their own ideas and will sometimes hold back on sharing them in fear of what others might say or think. Some children believe they don’t have any good ideas. We know that’s simply not true, we all have great ideas and potential inside of us. Learning to use our imagination and to be curious is the first step to cultivating our creativity and innovation.

Each online Brilliant Me Course includes access to additional activities for your child to do independently at any point during their day/week. These activity sheets will be emailed to you along with a summary of the content shared during the online session each day. At the end of the week you will also be sent three follow up videos to help embed your child’s learning. Please watch these with your child in your own time and discuss the themes. These videos can be re-watched at any time to help revisit the learning and continue to develop your child’s creative thinking.

Believing in your ideas & your potential

Brilliant Me & My Ideas is specifically designed to help your child:

•Develop their imagination & curiosity
•Have confidence in their own ideas and how to share them
•Learn to develop and nurture an idea
•Understand that there are many different ways to be ‘smart’
•Have courage and self-belief in their ideas even if others shoot them down
•Learn that small ideas can grow into big dreams

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