Age 2 to 4 yr

Independence is the key to progressing through the Seahorse level. Woggles continue to be used in our lessons, but at this level we would be encouraging children to start to master these on their own. This can take some time, and practise in your own time will make a huge difference. Children’s confidence as this level should be growing especially when doing ‘Ready Splash’ from the side or off a large mat; we would be aiming for the children to be able to do this unassisted. We continue the ‘turning’ theme in this level, but now we are looking for children to be able to turn under the water themselves. We continue work with dive sticks/Zoggies increasing the difficulty when the child is ready by taking the dive stick lower. Submersions on some of the exercises have increased to ‘3 in a row’ and again we would want the children to be managing well with this before processing further. Independent crab-walking is an important skill to master before moving into Otter level. We also introduce ‘tigger bouncing’ and encourage the children to start to bounce on the trampoline, with Mum or Dad of course.

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Moreton Fire Service College, LONDON ROAD, MORETON-IN-MARSH, GL56 0RH